Of Pigeons And Politicians


Ever notice  how certain politicians remind you of pigeons? Well, maybe it’s just me, but somehow, when I see them preen and position themselves to try to show themselves in the best possible light, I get that impression. Or perhaps it’s because of  the way they always seem to be trying to outmaneuver one another. Most likely though, it’s that whenever a bunch of them are positioned over you, well, you know what you can usually expect.

Funny Pictures of Car Covered In Bird Poopbird poop photo: bird poop bird.jpgMayor Joe Fontana


Just in case you are wondering why I’m in a bad  mood, its because I just read about Mayor Joe Fontana of  London, Ontario. The following is the condensed version of an article in  The London Free Press, May 4, 2013  article by Chip Martin:

Nearly $8 million raised for hungry school kids and to fight HIV/AIDs went into the pockets of Joe Fontana and fellow directors of his charity...A government audit found with so much money going to benefit its directors and their businesses, and many more millions spent on fundraising and sunk into tax shelters, Trinity Global Support Foundation had strayed from its charitable purpose….It invested and lost $7 million in an investment fund operated by Fontana’s boyhood chum Vince Ciccone, who founded Trinity in 2007…The organization  improperly paid over $865,000 to individuals and corporations related to the organization’s directors… Fontana, then between his jobs as London MP and London mayor, was paid $41,000 in “consulting fees”…Fontana became a Trinity board member in 2008, when Ciccone asked him to join, and chairperson after Ciccone left in 2010 amidst securities charges related to his Ciccone Group….Fontana and Ciccone were pals as youngsters in Timmins and later became partners in Advance Property Management in London. Fontana stepped down as Trinity chairperson late last year, but remains a board member.The payments also included $325,000 apiece to Ciccone and board member Carmine Domenicucci for arranging a $7-million investment in Ciccone’s numbered company… Ciccone was paid another $25,625 for “management fees…Other payments included nearly $38,000 to Ciccone’s wife, Karen Thompson-Ciccone, for “consulting fees,” to Trinity vice-president Patrick Holmes $47,500 for “financial services” and to Fontana’s son, Ugo Joseph Fontana, $62,730 for “services as president.”” Our audit has also revealed insufficient separation between the organization’s operations and the personal business and financial interests of those responsible for its operation,” said the letter outlining reasons for withdrawing Trinity’s charitable status.Too much was spent on fundraising and plowed into tax shelters whose purpose is to help Canadians avoid paying taxes...and left too little for Trinity to pursue its stated goals of feeding hungry school kids through lunch and snack programs in Canada and to provide pharmaceuticals to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean.


I wrote this poem some time  ago while thinking only of pigeons, but it kind of reminded me of Mayor Joe and one of his cronies. Some may think it unkind to make fun of someone when they’re in trouble, but then I think of all those hungry little kids without any lunches, and those desperate sick people without medications and I wish I’d written a poem about turkey vultures instead.

A Bird’s Eye View

Ostentatious Ollie and his friend Pretentious Pete

Sauntered to the corner where their friends were apt to meet.

Ollie stopped at every window as he passed each shop or store

To glance at his reflection—“One just couldn’t ask for more,

Than to have such utter beauty in a body so sublime!”

In such a thought he revelled for the twenty-second time.

Pete had made no protest when his friend so often stopped,

For he himself thought likewise—“My physique just can’t be topped!

And little did he notice whether china, clothes, or shoes

Were spread behind the windows where they both admitted their views!

“I have the nicest eyes by far— a most amazing grey!”

“I’ve never seen a finer coat on anyone today!”

Just as they neared the corner they both began to strut—

Each thinking “No one’s better!” Just then Ollie hit a rut

And faltered in his footsteps— falling headlong with a thud!

Emerging from the gutter, with his coat all drenched with mud,

Pete gasped at him in horror, and guffawed with sheer delight!

Then Ollie flew into a rage and pushed with all his might

Against his pompous portly pal who quickly was upended

Into the mud with a leaden “Thud!” where all his pretensions ended!

For up in a flap rushed all his friends to get a better view

Of the dirty dripping Ollie and the puddled Peter too!

And thus Pretentious Peter and Ostentatious Ollie

Paid the price of vanity and suffered for their folly,

For muddled by the puddle and befuddled by the mud

Their mighty soaring egos— came down crashing with a thud!

About Yvonne's Musings

Being the second of eight kids born in 11 years to my busy parents ultimately was a real advantage to me. I learned very early that if you wanted to be heard amidst all the noise the best way to accomplish it was to write your thoughts down. My first post to my mother," i hate skool. i cried at skool tooday!" was stuck with ABC chewing gum to the lid of the diaper pail, where I was certain that she would find it. Her attention quickly elicited in me a love of writing that has been life long. Seeking a wider audience I have decided to now, decades later, blog. Happy reading Mom! This is for you!

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    Your pictures were brilliant and butressed the preface brilliantly.I Laughed Out Loud.

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