Numerology, Cosmology,and Cosmetology


People frequently like to use numbers in very creative ways to establish links between things, and thereby somehow give an event or circumstance greater significance, especially if they practice some type of numerology. That’s not an explanation from the dictionary, just a personal observation. I remember that on my 36th, 38th, or 40th birthday (and I shall not be revealing which one) I blew out my birthday candles and said rather enthusiastically, (considering the years of amusement it has given everyone, at my expense, ever since) “Wow! I’ve finally reached the birthday when my age and my bust measurement are the same!” Lets face it, it’s unlikely there was any noteworthy symbolic significance to that coincidental alignment of numbers. My public profession of that link was more likely to have been an indication that I should, perhaps, buy a certain undergarment in a larger size, as the blood circulation to my brain was most likely compromised.

This morning I forgot my password for online banking yet again, and as this has happened to me often, I am running out of easily remembered number sequences. When I called the bank’s help line to set a new one, I decided to use my shoe size, my pants size and my bust size. Then I had to use another number that I hope I will remember later, because I didn’t  know my ring size. Thankfully, for my self-esteem, not all of those measurements are double-digit; that’s why I needed that extra one. Guess I’ll change the password again anyway, before I post this, just in case anyone who has met me is a circus side-show size-guesser/ math whiz/ crook. They just might try to break into my bank account! Just so you know,the monetary pay-out wouldn’t be worth the investment of time, nor would there be any significant cosmological significance to the account’s total either. That number might, however, have some real cosmetological impact if I use the funds to buy some items at the two-for-one price sale in the latest Avon catalogue.

Those who have been following my blog for a while know that I tend to ramble a bit. The point that I was leading up to is this— I too have certain numbers to which I attach particular significance. The fifth month of the year is special for me because in it three things changed   forever how my world revolved on it’s axis. May is the month when both of our children, Steven and Carrie Ann were born, and it is when Rolly and I  first met  46 years ago today, on a blind date on the Victoria Day weekend. I was just 16. Despite the skeptics, who doubt the possibility that such a thing exists, it really was love at first sight! If I believed that it was all up to us mortals to line up every circumstance in our lives so that such a thing could happen, I would be a doubter too. But I know in my heart that the one who arranged it all was well aware of who was  best suited to be my soul mate, and He also was the one who made it possible. Psalm 139:1-6 kind of sums up the basis for my reasoning.

The following poem was written to commemorate that first date:

Dear Diary,

I met a great guy today—

Tall and lean and tan,DocImage000000245

Not a boy, but a man,

Best friend of the guy Marsha’s dating,

So I didn’t want to keep him waiting!

They were early to arrive,

But somehow we’d survive!

My hair at least was down;

I said “Hi” and reeled around

And ran quickly up the stairs,

And left him to say his prayers—

Or whatever first dates do

When they’ve come just to meet you,

And are swarmed by younger brothers,

Younger sisters, and your mother!

I threw on my new tan slacks

And turquoise mohair sweater.

For a picnic by the river

The weather couldn’t be better.

We drove to a place near Kilworth,

Then climbed down a very steep path.

Marsha slipped on her bum in the mud

And I couldn’t help but laugh.

Then she got mad, but I didn’t care;

This guy was a hunk, and I was there!

We ate fried chicken up on our rock

And talked and talked and talked and talked

About “Day of the Triffids” and “On the Beach”

He’d be a forest ranger, one day I would teach.

We had lockers somehow in the very same hall

And yet I had never seen him at all!

But I’d heard his name on the P.A. at school

And remembered it well because it was cool.

His friend, beside Marsha was shoving him closer,

Pushing hard with his shoulder as we sat on the boulder.

And a glimpse that I caught from behind was this guy

Punching out in some code “Don’t be shy! Don’t be shy!”

Then finally Rolly leaned in for The Kiss!

( And all of that led to this…. Wedded bliss!)

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