Is That Toilet Paper On Your Shoe Or Did I Miss The Parade?


The intimate details of my life are starting to become a lot more public than I anticipated when I first started blogging. Some people imbibe alcoholic drinks of all types to relax or refresh themselves, or maybe they just particularly enjoy certain flavours, like a pina colada or a strawberry daiquiri on a nice warm day. I can certainly understand that, and as long as it is within moderation I understand it well. Especially since I have my own special relaxing moments, just not generally with alcohol and definitely not with drugs.(Except for maybe that time I had knee surgery.The nurses in the recovery room are likely still talking. They were laughing their heads off when I finally opened my eyes, and one of them actually said “Wow! The story you were telling us it was…Ha ha Ha! (and blushing as she said it!) ‘Unbelievable!”

I always warned my kids to never lick their dinner plates in private, because one day when their inhibitions are down, like when they’re in a nursing home at age ninety-three they might start doing it in public. They thought then, and maybe still do now, that I’m just plain nuts to care about stuff like that, but the older I get the less ridiculous it seems. It is the primary reason I try to only watch clean movies, read clean books and don’t pick my nose in the car when I think nobody is looking. (Also because it’s germy, but that’s my other phobia.)My favourite way to relax and refresh myself is to write. And just like some of you like creating signature drinks, I enjoy the various nuances and flavours that my writing takes on as I savour the time spent alone in front of my keyboard.

The garnishes I might add  to my creation with  the cut and paste process in the free program that I’m using are not perfected yet. It’s just like making a green onion and a couple of capers into something that looks like a hula girl; sometimes it looks more like a swamp monster. Maybe I’ll get it right or maybe I’ll just have to upgrade to better tools. We’ll see.

The one thing I have learned since April Fools’ Day (how appropriate) when I first began blogging daily, is the same admonition I give to every one of the young ones in my life “Once its out there it’s out there. It’s just like toilet paper dragging along behind you on your shoe, or worse yet from some place  further up, nobody will roll it all up behind you and say it never happened. They’ll be totally gleeful to pass it along to someone else ” (the story or picture, not the toilet paper.)

I haven’t, as far as I am aware, said anything in my writing that reflects badly on anyone else, and if anyone should think that  revealing the fact that I was pushed into wearing a blue floral latex girdle at age thirteen, or that I played tic-tac-toe on my sister’s soapy back  in the tub, or that mentioning the size of my bra (or brassiere) in a post is playing for cheap laughs, well, I’ll take it for what its worth. The truth! By the way for you voyeurs out there, “mentioning” is a lot different than “telling”  as in the “The size of my bra is comfortable.” versus “The size of  my bra is something something double something.”

The over all effect that writing has on me is to relax me, and when I am relaxed my inhibitions are down. And when my inhibitions are down I turn up the volume and dance!  Sometimes just on paper, sometimes on a dance floor, but never on carpet, it tends to trip me up!

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