My Brother Writes His Heart

My brother Keith Stephenson with baby brother Jimmy.

My brother Keith Stephenson with baby brother Jimmy.

Today I am going to go out on a limb and surprise someone. I have been bugging him to start a blog, because I know that he has a writer’s heart. I have been urging him to reveal it to those around him by publishing something out in the blogosphere but he is hesitant. I realize what a great commitment of time it takes to do so on a regular basis but nevertheless, he deserves to have his say and he deserves to be heard. He just hasn’t acknowledged that for himself yet. He is so like our father, sensitive and thoughtful. He has been a great emotional support to me and to my children, a physical help when someone with a chainsaw and a trailer is needed, and always ready with a joke when lightening the mood is necessary. My brother Keith, Although you would likely prefer to remain out of the limelight, I am posting two of your Face Book comments here so that you can experience what  it’s all about. I need your story to become part of mine, because it always has been. Much Love, Your sister Yvonne

By Keith Stephenson from Face Book  June 6, 2013

Yesterday I had the pleasure of picking up a paint brush and supplies so that I could paint some timbers and pergola framing while in London. With determination and attention for detail I started. Brown deck shoes, fresh white painter pants and a clean blue shirt ! After 6 hours the pergola looked fresh, crisp and very white BUT I had to laugh and think about our Great Uncle Fred when he painted the green house on the farm ……… Paint  in my hair, shirt covered with drips and rubs of white, pants broken in properly and the deck shoes need to be soaked in varsol, arms won’t have any hair left after scrubbing, fingers and hands aren’t recognizable It was a good day! A day to reflect on all the good things that I have been blessed with in life.

Much like the paint, I have a lot of fine people who have stuck with me on my travels and for that I am eternally thank full..

By Keith Stephenson from Face Book  June 9, 2013

I truly miss being around children, experiencing their laughter, questions and wonderment. They speak in a language that is engaging and unfortunately becomes a lost art once they grow older. They are able to lead us anywhere especially when they master the ability to grasp someone’s little finger with a gentle tug. If they feel safe they will invite us to hide under blankets, share their slobber covered sucker or play with one of their favourite toys. A true test of trust with a child is when they allow you to hold their special teddy —-NOT for long ! Without a spoken word they will hug you with determination, hug you in such a way that you don’t want to let go – ever !
Booboos, ouchies, oops, fall down, Ohhhhhhhhhhh and outstretched arms, just a few of the things that let us know that these little munchkins need us and we so need them.
My van is a work truck that also carries the required supplies for laughter and living.
Usually a bag of candy, string, stickers, wrenches and pliers to fix bicycles, band aides with bugs and flowers on them, a step on the side where we can sit and discuss the politics of good versus bad bugs or where to find worms. I try to answer questions like “Whatcha doin ?”…………….over and over again until my face hurts from smiling.
Children keep me feeling young and I am never embarrassed to speak their language.
Some days I fall but they always pick me up!              Keith

Well Keith, Like it or not you have actually had your first experience with blogging. I hope you are OK with that. You are just too talented to hide it anymore. Love,  Your older sister    (And that’s an order!)


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