It’s Time To Spread Your Wings And Fly Brother!


imgresIt seems perhaps, that my petitions to my brother may be softening him up a little bit about the idea of writing his heart felt  ponderings on life, for the world to read. I love the word ponder, because it brings to mind a pursuit that every kid who grew up in the country loved, Keith and I among them—to wander off to the water’s edge of a pond and just linger there considering the wonders of life and living. You have to do that at the edge of a pond, where the cobalt blue and emerald green dragon flies dart about like gem encrusted jewellery, magically taken flight. Even their counterfeit  jewelled images look hopelessly out of place, confined to a velvet lined drawer or pinned on a lady’s bodice. They are a creature meant to fly.

You have to, at least once in your childhood, gather up in a jam jar, a mess of pollywogs to take home and put on a window sill, to watch their ever- changing progression. From those tiny black- centered  tapioca- like blobs to almost frogs, was as near as we ever got before our older and wiser, but still very young mother insisted that we return them to the pond again. So ponder as you will Keith, we’ll never make you take anything back if you collect it from your memories and put it somewhere all of us can see, and consider, and wonder at the changes.Write on!

Last week I posted some of Keith’s writing which I took from his Face Book page. It can be found in the post of June 11 , 2013, My Brother Writes His Heart.   As I have not had a protest from him yet, I am going to be presumptuous and assume that it would again be OK to post a little more. As my sister Marsha would say, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.”  The following is his verbatim e-mail to me. The last line refers to a job he was willing to agree to do for his wife, because a weasel had move in under a model home she was in charge of, and it was creating a big smelly problem. Only one word is deleted so as to not infringe on Keith’s privacy:

Dear Vonnie ,

Most days I don’t have enough time to write, yet I have a variety of thoughts as I am driving that seem to captivate my driving time. One of my favorite books  is by author Khalil Gibran. I find myself selective when it comes to intruding or invading on another’s space when they are busy…..even though I yearn to be with them. I try to respect their private space and relationships. My name should be  “SHIM”    not “Wedge” I simply slide in now and then to keep things on the level Everything needs to be on the up and up! When I am satisfied that everything is O.K. I pull out, to tackle another matter in my life. Each visit is sweet and considered a real plum. Hopefully, I leave matters and relationships straight and plumb. No need to ever leave the table feeling twisted over a comment or with a warped sense of reality! Life can be simple and pleasant if we allow it to unfold properly.   Take care and enjoy your day. I am off to ——– again to finish the “Weasel” job.

Check out TVO for a show about 80 gardens around the world – quite amazing!

Love always, Keith

The next excerpt is again from Keith’s Face Book page. As he had assigned it a global privacy setting, rather than just friends, I know that I will not be infringing too much upon his privacy by republishing it here. I would just like to share the beautiful spirit that he has, as he lives life:

Ten plus years ago I lost the ability to socialize, smile, laugh or be around people. I simply couldn’t face myself, family or friends. It took a lot of supportive people to give me the strength to find what my true mission was in life. By their example I was able to pull out of a mental coma only to find that I hadn’t lost any of my abilities. What is clear to me today is that whatever I tackle must be done with no strings attached. No expectations, given freely and given from the heart. Today I search out needs of all sorts and attempt to help them to be resolved or sorted out while having fun at the same time. Nothing that I attempt today falls into the category of WORK ! I enjoy lifting heavy hearts and finding lost souls so that they can move forward with hope and optimism. I always have the time to offer a hand up rather than a hand out to someone in need. So today I took a leisurely drive to ——— with the hopes of completing the finishing touches around some prime weasel habitat. He didn’t come out to inspect nor did he venture close to my pick, shovel, wire mesh or screw gun. I left the site covered in mud, smelling like a pole cat and unable to find my map to get home. Sure I got lost coming back home (3 times) but that really didn’t matter. I was on my way home and home is where your heart goes after a long day of having fun………..

Well, that was my brother in action. (By the way, no animals were harmed or killed in his endeavor. The weasel was  simply blocked from returning to his warm furnace- heated home under the duct work) I hope this gives you a glimpse into the reason that I feel so very blessed in my life. I am surrounded by siblings who are open and free enough to be expressive, and caring enough to expose themselves to risks, even if it means helping someone out of a stinky situation.

Thank you Keith…….Hey!  What if the reason you’re not complaining about me stealing your writing, and putting it in my blog is that you don’t actually read it?  Hmmmmm?


The long ride home from the weasel relocation job probably felt like this. That’s how it feels to be a faithful helper sometimes.Besides that, judging by Keith’s self description nobody would even sit near him at Timmy’s. I don’t blame them!

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