Be Thankful For The Silver Linings


McGuinty affair and Summer Pics 075How could you wake up today and not be thankful. The sun light streaming in from that gap where the bedroom drapes don’t meet woke you a lot sooner than you had planned. A little shut-eye sure would have been nice after that late night partying, or babysitting the grand kids, or feeding the baby. You had the choice of being unhappy about waking so soon, or being thankful for the eyes that could sense that sunlight— even through closed lids! Maybe it wasn’t that at all which woke you, but that stupid garbage truck clanging away in the alley. Same difference, the choice was yours to be appreciative of another of your senses doing their job, or you could have just started your day off disgusted. What about that stupid bladder of yours that sends out an alarm at 4:00 a.m.  every morning? Just think of what would happen if it didn’t! Would you be a happier camper then?

Later, in front of the fridge, you decided it would be nice to make bacon and eggs because it’s the weekend. You can cheat a little every now and then because of the cholesterol lowering medication you are on that’s actually covered by your drug plan. What if it wasn’t? Would you even be around to enjoy a nice leisurely Saturday morning breakfast? Maybe not. So you opened the fridge, and then the egg carton on the top shelf and found only one cracked egg! No bacon either! Phooey! Why did your spouse have to make those brownies last night? “That’s where all the eggs went.” you thought, in a snit. (Well, maybe you didn’t think that; this is just conjecture after all.) But what about the bacon then? Oh yes, it was what made the baked beans so good at the potluck last Friday night. You had so many servings of them that it’s just as well there isn’t any more bacon in the house. Your cholesterol would go up then no matter what pill you took! Time to take the rest of them now, your blood pressure med, and that new antacid med the doctor prescribed to keep you from getting an ulcer.

What a pain!  If only you didn’t have all that stress over your investments not doing so great, or how you were going to have to rearrange your work schedule because you can’t afford a second family car. But then, you get to thinking about how great it is to have that job at all, to help to put away a little more for your future, no matter how poorly things did last quarter. And then you remember that lady at the bus stop with her three kids, last week. She obviously didn’t have a car at all, or why would she be getting onto the bus with a sick coughing kid?  Remember how you thought she was an absolute moron for going out with sick kids, until  you heard the littlest one say. “How long before we get to the doctor mommy?” That was embarrassing for you, even though nobody else knew what you were thinking. Or did they?

Alright! Alright! I know what a lot of you are thinking right now “Hey we get the point! Yvonne is telling us all how unthankful we all are yet again!” Well, in fact, I’m actually reminding myself of how unthankful I am. Yes, I have an East facing bedroom window that allows the morning sun at certain seasons to wake me, and there is no alley, but there is noisy garbage pick-up at the roadside in the early a.m. I do bake, as does my spouse Rolly sometimes, and yes we both like bacon and eggs, but cholesterol meds are not necessary here. Rolly bakes healthy grain bread that contains a lot of cholesterol-lowering ingredients to overcome the effects of our occasional overindulgences (such as brownies.)  Even with our chickens laying daily, our eggs do occasionally run out and then I can be more displeased with not having the one, than I am thankful for having the many. At times I am very unappreciative, much to my shame, when I consider God’s overwhelming generosity towards me.

I also am sometimes judgemental of others, which is also connected to being unthankful. If I realized all the benefits of what I have I would understand better what it is like not to have. So you see, I am just like you. When it comes to my first reaction to things, I am oft-times negative and fail to understand what other people have to contend with.

Thanksgiving Day here in Canada is on Monday, but our extended family which is comprised of over forty people will gather tomorrow at a sister’s home nearby. Those who cannot attend will be missed, and they will be missing my mother’s famous Loaded Beans. Are they called that because they are loaded with bacon, or for some other reason? That is open to interpretation. Whether the beans are a great accompaniment to a turkey dinner or not also depends on who is doing the judging. If it forces half of us to go outside to gather in the yard for some fresh air it will definitely be quieter and more conducive to serious conversation, and that’s a definite bonus, and something to be thankful for. There is always a silver lining to every cloud….Well, almost!

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