What should I say about myself that will give you a glimpse of who I am in a nut shell? I am a person who loves a challenge, but one who isn’t always comfortable with change, hence a life long habit of writing to de-stress. My first business was a home-based daycare, which fit in well with the needs of our family. I was able to earn additional income and yet be the one parent who was always there for our son and daughter, while their Dad worked long rotating shifts flipping nights to days every second week. I overcame my fear of heights, to be Rolly’s roofing helper, shingling houses in our spare time several summers in a row to help pay for our kids’ Christian School education. We built our own house, and lived an idyllic back to the land kind of life style, growing or raising most of our own food, for canning, pickling, freezing or drying. Our son and daughter had fruit roll ups for snacks long before stores sold them and our daughter still brags that when asked to bring Kraft Dinner to a Brownie camp-out she didn’t know what it was! We baked awesome bread which prompted moms picking up kids and loaves after work to say too often “You should start your own bakery!” and so we did, but we waited until their little ones all started kindergarten.Following the sale of the bakery after ten exhausting but successful years we had a home services business, providing meal prep, cleaning, cooking, laundry and gardening. All in all I’ve had a life rich in experiences, with stories ripe for the picking!
The one thing that has remained the same throughout life’s many transitions has been a love of gardening. All of the family’s efforts throughout the years have developed our three acre yard into a park-like setting of mature trees, shrubs, and perennial beds. It was a simple hay field when we purchased it for our home’s building lot early in our married life, but it, like me, has gone through many changes. Some were planned for, some adapted to, and yet  it has continued to grow.
In 2010 Rolly and I completed a year-long project, perhaps the biggest life change of all, apart from having children. With the motto ‛‛Simplify’’ hung on the wall to motivate us, we downsized everything − furnishings, personal belongings and unnecessary clutter by at least two thirds. Then we renovated, and retrofitted an apartment into our home. Satisfied with our new surroundings we sold our home to our daughter and son-in-law and thus became happy tenants rather than homeowners. We still have the privilege of maintaining this beautiful property, but the freedom that comes with having less. We love it!
I have thus far had a very interesting life, full of surprises and experiences which have provided ample fodder (yes, I grew up on a farm!) for writing. That, and being one of eight siblings has taught me much about the necessity of laughter, at least a small dose every day. It keeps a person youthful and feeling great and it sure beats cod liver oil!

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  1. Hi Yvonne, I grew up on a farm and write about it on my blog. I’ve been blogging since March. I did a search on “childhood memories” to get to your blog. It is very pretty. I like the torn paper effect for your tabs. How did you do this?? Happy writing! -Stephanie

  2. Good morning, I nominated you on my blog site for the One Lovely Blog award. I don’t know if you participate in those – I never had because I couldn’t figure out the technical parts of all of those “requirements”! haha, but I wanted to let you know. I’ve followed your blog from the time I started mine…you’re one of my best long-time blog buddies! Take care, Stuart

    • Thank you Stuart, that is quite a compliment considering that you are such a fine writer and my favorite blogger. I am late responding as I returned a few days ago from a short holiday to find my internet down.Quite a frequent occurence. If I can figure it out I’ll try to follow through.

      • There’s quite a bit of follow through, I admit, but I’ve gotten so many kind comments and met so many great people through blogging that I thought I should give the follow through a shot. It’s nice to know that people read what we write and give us a nod when they like it!

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