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A Feast From The Garden Served Two Ways

McGuinty affair and Summer Pics 096

Rolly, in the middle of our picket fence enclosed garden later in the season, a few years ago. All his composting really pays off.

What to do? What to do? My day is almost through.

I haven’t even started on another post for you

I’ve been so busy gardening, and cleaning up the place,

That I need to speed things up and accelerate my pace.

As I pour it out in verse it comes to mind so fast.

I think I’ll use that method; it’s worked well in the past.

I’d really like to garden and get those veggies growing.

It’s all that I can think of now; it’s really got me going.

The seeds of thoughts are planted now, and plant seeds planted to;

So this is what you’re getting— a veggie feast for you!

A Real Corny Poem

There are different kinds of kernels,

There’s a colonel and a kernel,

But only one would let you call him “yellow”.

Either one might blow up, when the heat is really on,

Though one would simply “pop!” the other bellow!!

I know this verse is corny, but its one that you’ll repeat,

(Unless the kernel’s stuck between your teeth!)

Beets Can’t Be Beat!

Pink, and crimson, white, and gold,

And even two-toned beets are sold

In market places here and there,

For they will grow most anywhere.

Their leafy tops are good to eat;

Their roots are delicious and somewhat sweet,

In salads, in pickles, or soup that’s pink!

“Beets can’t be beat!” that’s what I think!

Let’s All Hear It For The Pea!

Flat pods! Fat pods! Snappy and sweet!

Steamed or raw! A favourite treat!

Some people shell them before they sell them!

Some people sell them before they shell them!

Either way, they’re green and sweet!

Peas are a treat we love to eat!

Mmm! Turnips! Can You Dig It?

Turnips, turnips everywhere,

So don’t turn up your nose,

Just because their cooking

Doesn’t smell much like a rose.

A turnip can grow as big as your head,

And be just as stubborn too!

As you try to pull it out of the ground

To add to your grandma’s stew.


A snarly, gnarly looking root

A troll might cook in a rubber boot!

That’s how celeriac might look,

But it’s a treasure for the cook,

Who will use it in salad, soup, and stew,

And dishes delicious for trolls and for you!

 Gets Along Well With Others

The onion’s a vegetable socialite,

Welcomed by every appetite.

Quite bold alone, but good in groups!

A really good mixer in stews and soups!

But don’t share an onion on your very first date.

That’s one time for sure when you should wait!

Doctor’s Orders

If you’re making a salad that just needs some zip,

My good friend the salad chef gave me this tip

“Arugula’s great for its nice zesty flavour;

Its toothy green leaves have a taste that you’ll savour.”

My good friend the doctor who gives out advice free

Says “Make sure arugula’s all chopped up nicely,

Because if you choke when it’s stuck to your uvula,

It will be the last time that you eat arugula!”

I hope you enjoyed my little literary repast. Perhaps you can share it with the kids, if they are old enough to digest it.

Have a good one today!

Blessings, Yvonne